top Priorities: 

Family - I am a mother of two wonderful boys (7 and 5) and yes, I want and need both -
spending time with my family and doing responsible tasks.

Curiosity - I never stop learning and mostly have fun while doing so.

Integrity - be transparent, authentic and honest with others.

Courage - I stand in for my beliefs and convictions / speak up and act, when it's time to.

Self-responsibility and the freedom to make my own decisions are quite important to me.

I am a user researcher, critical thinker and creative problem solver based in Hamburg, Germany.

I've got more than 15 years of professional experience in the fields of communications, design- and product development.

For the past 5 years I have been passionate about user experience design and especially user research, helping to create digital products that make an impact by meeting customer needs and business goals.

Things to learn:
Measuring UX
Quantitative Methoden / Mixed Methods (A/B testing) 

Learning Fields:
Setting better limits and say 'no' more often
Accept Feedback without judgement
Letting go of responsibility and let it flow
Gaining more Serenity (I can make it)

Inga testing (I watched and it's a pleasure every time): Inga enjoys interacting with people!!! She guides the test persons through every situation with her personal style, can react spontaneously to any difficulty, is competent and hasn't quite forgotten the humour at work.

- Svenja Klostermann, PO (Immowelt, Hamburg)

Inga is a strategist for me. She doesn't argue with "best practice", but has the courage to question things and push forward new ideas with a lot of vision.

- Frank Breier, PO (FondNet, Hamburg)

Inga has a lot of topics in different divisions, so I admire that she always delivers perfect results despite this heavy workload and is always present and fully involved in a topic.

- Jörg Kistenmacher, Senior Visual Designer (Immowelt, Hamburg)